Dear Webmasters,

There is a Good news for all of you that Google has launched a new feature of view manual webspam actions in webmaster tools for your website. It will be really benefiecial for those webmasters who see a drastic drop in their ranking and not sure whether this is due to any manual penalty applied on their website or any other algorithm change has affected their website.

The new feature is introduced by Google webspam team on 8 August, 2013 and after launch of this feature you would be able to see a new section added in webmaster tools for Manual Actions. Below are the steps for your to see the status of your website with use of this new feature.

  • Go To Webmaster Tools
  • Select The Website for which you want to check manual actions
  • Go to Traffic Search Section and Expand the List
  • In expanded list you would be able to see new link with Manual Actions
  • Click on that and you would be able to see whether any manual web spam action applied on your website or not.

In Manual actions area, if your website did not gone through any Manual actions. Than tool will simply show a message to you like “No manual webspam actions found.” But in any case your website has been gone through any manual actions taken by Google web spam team. Than tool will show you some kind of snippets to know exactly due to which problems this manual penalty applied by webspam team for your website.

For example if you are doing something which is not following Google webmasters quality guidelines like participated in any link buying or selling schemes, hiding text or your website having any user generated content spam. The new tool will show you the basic reasons for which manual webspam actions has been applied for your website. In case of manual webspam action applied on your website, you would be able to see some message in manual action like below screenshot:

Manual Actions Viewer

Manual Actions Viewer

Above is some kind of information, which you will see if there is any manual action applied on your website and on top of that you can request a review from here only.

For sure this new feature is going to help out a lot of webmasters, who see sudden drop in their rankings and keep wondering what’s the reason behind that? Is it Google penalty or something else due to which website ranking gone down suddenly. If manual action is the case, than they can easily see the status of website for manual actions and can make the changes according to remove the Google manual action to gain rankings back as before.


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