As you all know that one day back on 22 May 2013, Google has rolled out the next generation Google penguin algorithm 2.0 to fight against web spam. Its the number 4th (fourth) of all penguin updates Google has rolled out till date. The impact of this algorithm update is not small though and affected 2.3% of English search queries. There are hundreds of thousands website which has been affected by this penguin update 2.0 and now almost all webmasters of affected websites are looking for tips for how to recover their website from Google penguin update 2.0?

Well guys, to be frankly the path of recovery from Google penguin impact is not easy though and their are few of lucky webmasters who could fully recover their websites from these kind of penguin and panda updates. Still webmasters should not loose their hopes and there are plenty of good ways by following which you can start the hunt of recovering your website from recent Google penguin update 2.0. Here we are sharing few tips for how to recover your website from latest Google penguin update 2.0:
1. Just Wait and Watch
Whenever Google updates any algorithm, the impact of process keep going for almost a week with fluctuations in keyword with each search you perform in Google search. So if your website hit badly and you are wondering how to recover now? Than first you need to wait for few days because you will notice keyword fluctuations going around for almost a week after each big algorithm update either panda or penguin. So just start preparing your plans to recover in this time frame and keep an eye on keyword fluctuations. Sometimes websites get back their ranking back within this time period, so just wait and watch.
2. Don’t submit your website for reconsideration
Well many experts would suggest to submit a request for Google reconsideration, but I personally would suggest not to do this, why? Because this (Penguin Update) is an algorithm update not a manual Google penalty. Google team also do not care and do not participate in reviewing reconsideration requests of websites affected by Google algorithms. If your website could have manual Google penalty than submitting Google reconsideration request could be much beneficial for you but in this case, this is not going to work for you. The only recovery is just follow what Google wants and you will be only recovered in next Google penguin update not before that by anyway. If someone says that than I suspect how much knowledge person have regarding the normal processes of Google.
3. Check your inbound and outbound links:
After one week, still website is completely out of Google search result? Well if yes, than its time for you to start recovering process of your website from Google penguin update. The journey of recovery from penguin starts from checking your inbound and outbound links. Penguin is mainly designed for web spam and linking is the main focused area for penguin. You have been hit by penguin because either you are having bad inbound links or bad outbound links. So just found these bad links and disavow them using Google webmaster tool.
3(1) Check and Disavow Bad Inbound Links:
To check bad inbound links pointing to your website, just use your Google webmaster tool account and go to “Links to your site” section. Here you would be able to see all incoming links pointing to your website. Another way to check the incoming links to your website is, just do a simple search in Google with query “”. This query will return all links pointing to your website having dofollow attribute. Just check each and every link and disavow all links which are from link farms, low quality websites, paid links etc..
3(2) Check and NoFollow Bad Outbound Links:
To check bad or low quality outbound links from your website, just cross check each and every page of your website to find out the outgoing links from your website to other websites. If your website linking to a low quality website than there are chances that you could be caught in Google penguin update due to these low quality outbound links. So just find out all bad & low quality outbound links and try to nofollow all links if you can’t remove them completely.
4. Generate Some High Quality Back Links:
This is the final thing which you need to do for recovering your website from Google penguin effect. Just start the process to generate the high quality back links. The links should be natural not artificial and just avoid paid directories or websites to get high quality links with good page rank. Try to get links from high PR websites, participate in some good forum discussion to generate quality natural links, participate in blog commenting related to subject of your own website. By following these things you would be able to generate some high quality links for your website from relevant subject to your website.
Now what? Well just wait now till the next refresh of Google penguin update. As before that there are very rare chances of recovering your website from Google penguin effect. If your website get recovered before that than for sure you would be the luckiest person, otherwise if you did everything as per given tips for recovering website from latest Google penguin update than for sure your website will be recovered in next Google penguin update not before that by anyway.
Feel free to share your thougths and feedbacks in comment area :)
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