Dear Webmasters,

Looking to build a big website with hundred of thousand web pages? Well in that case it would be good if you add web pages in small blocks instead of adding bulk web pages at once because adding bulk web pages in website can lead to a manual Google review by Google web spam team to check the quality of content before inclusion in Google index.

So its good for you to add web pages on your website in small – small bouquets instead of adding thousand of web pages in one shot. Google algorithms can flag your website for manual review due to increased high number of web pages on your website in a very small time frame and than its Google web spam team who will review quality of your website pages and if your content caught by them then its very tough for you to be recovered from this because this kind of situation can lead your to a manual Google penalty as well.

In an answer to a question “Should I add an archive of hundreds of thousands of pages all at once or in stages?” check what Matt Cutts head of web spam team says in below video:


After watching the video of Matt Cutts for above question, it is simple and straight that if its possible for you than add web pages in stages instead of adding bulk web pages on your website which can lead to a Google web spam team manual review. So just try to add websites pages in steps and keep your website safe from any Google penalty which can be applied after having manual review of your website.


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