Whenever any blogger plans to start a brand new blogging website, the very first question comes in their mind that, with which blogging platform they should start their blogging career as their are plenty of online platforms and scripts available for starting a free blogging website. Without doubts the confusion starts mainly between WordPress and Blogger and its really required a lot of research to know which one is better for SEO WordPress or Blogger?

Well to be frank guys both systems have great features to run a successful blog and both providing great features to manage each and everything related to SEO. Still there are always differences in two things and both can’t have all similar things. If both could have same than difference term will be simply removed. Similarly having all SEO options available in both platforms Blogger and WordPress, still they would have differences between each other for sure.

If we need to say which is best WordPress or Blogger for SEO? Than we would suggest that WordPress is better than Blogger by keeping SEO factors in mind along with various other capabilities which you can gain using WordPress but not with Blogger. In WordPress users will have all facilities to manage SEO related factors and you can manage each and every thing related to SEO while writing any new post in WordPress by installing some good plugins in WordPress for SEO. Still if you see something which has been not covered by Plugins than you can hire any developer to develop a plugin to fulfill your all SEO requirements in WordPress. But when we talk about Blogger, than for sure there are few limitations mainly as its a third party system which you can’t install, host or manage by yourself. You can use all features whatever provided by the Blogger platform but if you need something different which has been not provided by the Blogger platform, than you can’t do anything and you can use only those features which has been provided by Blogger platform. This is main reason which makes a huge difference between WordPress and Blogger.

In an answer to a question Matt Cutts head of Google Web Spam team answered that both platforms are good to go with and its up to user with which platform they would like to proceed Blogger or WordPress. But after seeing his video we would say that he also giving some hints that WordPress is superior than Blogger for SEO of any blog due to customization capabilities of WordPress more than Blogger.

Check Matt Cutts Video in answer to a question “Is WordPress or Blogger better for SEO?”


At last guys we just want to say only one thing that if Matt Cutts using the WordPress as base platform for his personnel blog site on top of Blogger, than for sure WordPress would have something Good for SEO as compare to Blogger. Rest you are the best one to decide which is best for SEO Blogger or WordPress. Share your thoughts which one is best according to you between both WordPress and Blogger along with answer of WHY?


SEO aspect for your new post in WordPress

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