Most of bloggers start a blog keeping in mind that as soon as their blog or website will get popular and will have good number of traffic, they will start to monetize traffic by showing few ads on their blog to cover up the cost and efforts involved in managing the the blog and website.
For sure that first and best choice for showing ads is Google adsense because of its reliability and stability. But at same hand its always very tough for new bloggers to get their blog applicable for Google adsense and get approved by Google Adsense network. Google easily do not approve the new accounts and websites.
If you get approved than the other problem bloggers face with Google Ad Network is due to low CPC given by Google for all Ads shown on any website and Google never release how much percentage from total CPC they have charged from advertiser will pass on to their advertiser network blogs and websites.

If you are facing these kind of issues and looking for a High Paying Google Adsense Alternative in 2013 for your Blog and website than here are Top Google Adsense alternatives for your website and Blog:

BuySellAds Google Adsense Alternative:

BuySellAds is the best alternative for Google Adsense for start up bloggers in 2013 to monetize their blog easily and quickly. BuySellAds provides very high paid ads for your website and Blog. The process of BuySellAds approval is also very easy and approval of new website on BuySellAds hardly takes 24 hours max. Another great factor of using BuySellAds is that the system of BuySellAds provides you the feature of setting bid amount on your blog by yourself. Which is really a BIG PLUS of using BuySellAds on top of other platform as an alternative of Google Adsense.

Infolinks Google Adsense Alternative:

Infolinks is the another Google adsense alternative which can used by bloggers to show ad on their blogs. Infolinks shows the ads in form of text links. Infolinks just crawl your website and put up the text ads within the content of your website and they do offer a fixed cost for each click and thats the major drawback of using Infolinks as an alternative for Google Adsense platform.

Chitika Google Adsense Alternative:

Chitika is also considerable option for bloggers to monetize their blog as Google alternative. Chitika platform is very easy to customize the type of ads you would like to show on your blog. The implementation process of Chitika is easy to use like Google Adsense. Just generate your Ad code and put up in to your blog wherever you want to show Ads from Chitika ad network.

Konetra Google Adsense Alternative:

Konetra Ads network is almost same as infolinks ad network. Konetra do provide text links to put up in your blog. Its some kind of inline text adding process which you need to follow for using Konetra ad network. Here one thing to be noted down that inline text ads just increases the loading time of your website and that’s not good to run a successful blog and to keep happy your blog visitors.

Apart above mentioned best Google adsense alternatives in 2013 for bloggers, here are few other options for bloggers to start with.



Few other options to make money online through your blog instead of using these Ad networks.

Join Affiliate Marketing

Build your own Ad Network

Sell Ad Space / Banners directly to advertisers

We hope these options will work good for you, if you are looking for best Google Adsense Alternatives in 2013. If you would have any other options which we missed out in this post than share with us.


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