In continuous series of our recent articles on What is Google Penalty, How to Check Google Penalty & Tips & Tricks for how to recover website from Google Penalty. In this article we are sharing Best Tips for recovering website from Google Penalty. We hope that you have already identified that either you have Automatic Google Algorithm Penalty or Google Manual Penalty, now its time to start the process of recovering the website from Google penalties. Here are few quick tips and trips which we are sharing with you to recover the website from a Google Penalty.

Disavow Incoming Bad Links:

After the launch of Google Penguin algorithm, the chances are a lot higher of getting a Google Penalty due to having Bad back links from link farms or purchased back links. Out of 100 google penalties almost 30% google penalties are due to bad back links. So as soon as you identify the potential Google penalty just focus to disallow the bad back links using Google Disavow tool from Google Webmaster Tool.

Important: Make sure to check each and every back link manual to your website, links quality and link status. Just disavow all links which seems problematic. The less high quality back links are much better than having thousands of bad back links.
Remove Outgoing Bad Links:

Google Penguin algorithm also consider the bad website which you linked from your website. If you are having a bad website linked from your website. Than you are the person who have to pay for this and Google will put up a penalty on your website for linking with Bad websites. Bad websites includes link farms, por-no-graphic, less quality websites or malware infected websites.

Important: Its really dangerous to provide outgoing link to bad websites. Its more dangerous to provide a link to bad quality website compare to having a back link from bad websites. So do not link at all with bad websites and cross check their status before providing back links to them.
Focus on Quality of Website:

In addition to Google Penguin update, Google panda algorithm is the automatic system which regularly crawls the website and penalize the website having low quality content or duplicate content on your website. So to recover your website from a potential Google penalty just focus on your on page content quality and build a high quality website content which must be useful to USERS not CRAWLERS. If you have quality on website than for sure you would be able to recover from potential Google Penalty very fast and Google will prioritize your reconsideration request.

Important: While doing on page optimization just focus on quality content, up to the point content and content should not be keyword focused.
Google’s Webmaster Guidelines:

To be a successful SEO executive you must always follow Google Webmaster Guidelines properly. The more you will read the more you will gain how exactly Google system works. If you are following all Google Webmaster Guidelines than the chances are very less that you can ever be affected by Google Penalty and same thing applies on recovering website from Google Penalty as well. If you have a Penalty just follow all Google webmaster guidelines and which will increase the chances of recovering from Google Penalty faster.

Important: Google almost perform 500 updates a year. So just keep updating yourself to know more about Google process and guidelines. Which will really help you in long term.
Keep an eye on all Google Updates:

Just keep following what Google doing and what changes has been made my Google in their search engine like Google algorithm update, panda update and penguin update. Just keep an eye what changes has been done by Google and make your website and blog compliance to those Google updates. As much as your website and blog will be compliance to Google updates you will not hit by Google penalty ever.

Important: If you see a sudden drop in your keyword ranking after any Google update. Than make sure to make your website compliance to Google latest update. Because that’s the reason for which you got a penalty and you must try to sort out those issues ASAP.
Google Reconsideration:

This is last tip which you need to follow for recovering your website and blog from a Google Penalty. If you are confident that you have made all possible changes to avoid a Google penalty and now everything is fine on page and off page according to Google Webmaster Guidelines. Than submit a reconsideration request on Google webmaster Tool. Most probably within a time frame of 15 days you would be able to see that your website is back and recovered from Google Penalty. Though keyword position can take more time to gain the same slot which website lost after Google Penalty.

Important: While submitting google reconsideration request make sure that your website is perfect and following all Google guidelines. Because unnecessary reconsideration requests can lead to a permanent ban on your website.

Hope you will find all these Tips and Tricks useful to recover your website or blog from a Google penalty. If you may have any other suggestion to share with us. Than your comments are always welcome.


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