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In continued efforts to let our users know in more details about Google Penalty, its effects and recovery tips from a Google Penalty. Yesterday I have shared information to let users know What is Google Penalty and now its time to share the tips and tricks for how to check and recognize a potential Google Penalty on your Website or Blog. Webmaster who already facing a Google penalty on their website they can follow Tips for recovering from Google Penalty.

Well guys its really like a nightmare to recognize whether your website has been hit by Google Penalty or not and to be frank their is no perfect Google Penalty Checker Tool which can let you know whether your website has been banned by Google or not. There are thousand of Online Google penalty checking tools but they are not reliable at all and tool coders even don’t know what should be algorithm for checking Google penalties and they just follow one or two things to recognize penalty on any website and that’s really not enough though to know exactly you have Google Penalty/Ban or not. So here few quick Tips and Tricks we are sharing with you guys to identify whether a Google Penalty applied on your website or not.

Sudden Down Fall of Keyword Ranking in Google SERP results:

Are you witnessing a sudden down fall in your keywords ranking and keyword are not getting its last position back from more than 7 Days. Then the chances are much higher that you have got a Google penalty for anything which you did wrong while doing promotion of your website. Here  it need to be considered that at least you should wait for 7 days after seeing a potential downfall in your keyword ranking. Because some times Google Dance and Fluctuations in keyword rankings goes whenever Google do any small to big level algorithm updates. Which takes some time to get stability in Keyword Rankings. But if you have passed more than 7 days then you must worried about this because it could be signs of a potential Google Penalty on you.

Website pages removed from Google Index and Cache:

While checking for a potential Google Penalty this is the best way to find out the Google Penalty. A simple Google search with term “site:yourwebsitename.com” can confirmed if their is any penalty applied on your website. Most importantly how major or minor this penalty is. If you are able to see your pages within results after doing above search, then its sure that your website not permanently banned by Google. Now its time for your to check whether your website pages is missing from Google results or not. If you are able to find out few of your pages not appearing then their are some chances that you got a minor penalty and you can recovered from that by fixing the issues on those pages by following proper Google guidelines. But if above search not showing any of pages from your website than its almost confirmed that your website got a major penalty from Google and which can lead to a permanent Ban on your website. It means Google has removed your website totally from its indexing and chances are very minimal that their will be any reconsideration given by Google for your website to add pages again in Google indexing and cache.

Brand / Website Name Search:

Apart Google indexing removal technique which we showed above, this is the second best way to find out the Google penalty on a website. To find out a Google penalty on your website simply do a search in Google with your brand name or website name. For example if we do search “Blogger Empire” in Google and Google not showing our Blog links on top 3 results. Than it is a sign of Google penalty on your website. If you are able to find out your websites links after some pages than its assumed that a minor penalty almost applied on your website and if you do not find your website links at all, in that case it also confirmed that your website banned by Google and due to which a permanent Google penalty applied on your website.

Google Webmaster Tool eMail Notification:

If you have registered your website with Google Webmaster Tool for checking your website status with various point of views. If Google Webmaster Central have found something wrong on your website which is not following Google Guidelines then you could get an eMail notification from GWT to correct the problems from your website which could be content problems, linking problems, back linking problems, link farms etc. If you have received such kind of notification from Google than consider it on top priority and try to fix the problems as soon as possible. Because in next Google Update your website most probably going to be penalized if Google again founds same problem on your website for which they have notified you and you did not corrected them.

Is decrement in Google Page Rank signs of Google Penalty?

Some SEOs / Webmasters say that a drop in Google Page Rank is also a sign of Google penalty. But we do not agree with those who says that. Drop in pagerank could be simply because of you lost some quality back links for your website and that can’t be considered as Google Penalty at all. So don’t be afraid if you lose page rank and just try to generate some quality back links again. Hopefully in next Google page rank update you will get your initial page rank back again.

These are the various ways and tips for checking a Google penalty on your website or blog. Share your thoughts and feedbacks or if you may have any other tips to recognize the Google penalties on a website or blog.



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