As we all knew that recently Google has rolled out Google Panda update on 22 January 2013. There are thousands of website which has been affected by this Google Panda update. Google panda algorithm is simple, if you don’t have quality content on your website then you will be hit by the Panda update and here i want to let you know that Google Panda Recovery is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time to recover from panda effect and almost 50% affected websites never recover fully from Google Panda update. If you hit by Google panda then you can follow few great tips to recover from google panda update here.

Let come to the topic, when we talk about Quality content on website according to Google panda guidelines. Then the very first thing comes in mind what should be perfect keyword density according to Google Panda on a web page? Well there is no perfect answer in this world which can let you know what is the best keyword density on a web page. Google never release that and no one else can know that apart them. But according to all research and Google algorithm behavior a perfect keyword density is max 2% – 3%. If you have keywords in a web page more then this percentage then there is 100% chances that you will be caught by algorithms and will get penalties for doing keyword stuffing in a web page.

Keyword Density and SEO

While you are doing On Page SEO of any web page. Then you must take care of Keyword Density and should not avoid guidelines. While writing article don’t write the article in a way which can easily show that what you are writing is fake and just written focused on Keywords for SEO in mind only. Google systems are much smarter then we can think of and they can read your mind by way you wrote. So don’t make fool because at last you will becoming the fool in next Google Panda Update. So here are few quick tips to follow proper Keyword Density:

  • Keep your content original
  • Use keywords only 2-3 times out of 100 word article and follow same ratio for more than 100 word article.
  • If your article require more keyword then make sure it should not look like a fake written article and should be Focused on topic only.


What is Keyword Density Formula ?

Many webmasters ask what is the keyword density Formula and how to check keyword density ? Well checking keyword density of any web page is quite easy and you just need to check how much percent of total words in article used your desired keyword on web page. Let say if you wrote a article of 100 words on SEO Tips. Then your article should have this keyword only 2 to 3 times only. If your articles goes more than this then you will be doing Keyword Stuffing and for that your website can get Google Penalty as well.

Keyword Density Calculator and Tool ?

There are thousand of online keyword density tools available through which you can check and calculate your web page keyword density. The best Keyword Density Calculator we found can be visited here:

Just check out your keyword density and see what adjustment you need to make in your article to archive optimum Keyword Density.

To finish with this article, Check out below video for views of Matt Cutts head of Google web spam on Ideal Keyword Density for a web page.



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