According to recent reports on various papers and online news, Google is going to pay on or around a sum of $1 billion Dollar to Apple for keeping Google Search Engine as default Search Engine for Apple iOS which is installed on all Apple products like Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod etc. This is really a big amount Google is paying to be on top in mobile devices as default search engine provider. According to reports Apple charge Google few $$$ per Device and according to calculations Google is going to pay around $1 Billion for this calendar year 2013 to Apple.

Google has same kind of deal with other products like Apple Safari, Opera and Mozilla Web browsers. Google pays a huge amount to these browser providers to remain as default search engine in these browsers as well.

We all can see Google is spending a huge amount on marketing of Google on Mobile devices to keep itself the default search engine provider. Which at last going to benefit Google a lot, as we all knew that users of Mobile Devices and Smart Phones increasing day by day. According to reports 2013 is going to be totally a new trend to use Internet through Mobile Devices and Google do not want to miss this opportunity at all to grab all mobile device users with Google products.
To provide Mobile Device users more user friendly experience while using all Google products, Google has made a lot of changes recently in their products. In addition to make all product on or around mobile users, Google launched Enhanced Google Adword Management system for Mobile users couple of days back and that’s the area from where Google will cover all these Investments.

In sort, current allegations put by Microsoft through Scroogled campaign is not going to hurt Google by anyway and Google going to be on Top  as usual.


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