New technologies are coming day by day and filling our world with easy to use things around us. In this modern era of 2013, how web design world could be avoided in adopting new trends and technologies. In 2013, Responsive Web Design RWD is going to be a big factor in web design world and it’s going to be a great new concept and technique to follow designing of new websites using Responsive Web Design (RWD).

The very first question comes in our mind is what Responsive Web Design is?

Responsive Web Design known as RWD is a new standard in web designing which is used to provide optimal viewing experience to its users according to their devices. By using responsive web design you can easily provide a standard auto adjustable & flexible web platform for your users according to devices they are using to access your website. RWD is basically uses media queries to fit the website according to end user device resolution. Its desktop, tablet, mobile device, iPhone or iPad, the website designed using RWD will adjust itself by identifying users resolution with use of media queries and apply CSS (Cascading Style Sheets ) according to resolution on the run and fit the entire website according to user screen resolution. The concept of Responsive Web Design is simple, it takes place when we view any responsive website which reads our resolutions first, then adjust the blocks of web page using CSS according to our device resolution to fit it perfectly on device without need to scroll here and there to view the web page.

Blogger Empire also uses Responsive Web Design and it adjust according to computer or mobile device you are using to access the blog. If you have good amount or resolution then it will show two columns and if you have less resolution like on iPhone then it will adjust two columns into one column to show you content of website without any scrolling. You can easily navigate entire website on an easy to use navigation, content structure and auto adjustable blocks of content according to your viewing device.

Use and Benefit of Responsive Web Design:

In 2013, we are in high tech world and the use of Mobile Devices, Tablets, Tabs, iPhone, iPads is increased a lot and the estimate of new users of these devices in coming years is at very high end. All new technology lovers use their smart phones to access each and every piece of information through their devices on internet. They just need to have a great experience while surfing any website, which should be flexible according to their devices and it should provide them easy to use experience while surfing any website. We all knew today out of 100 users, almost more than 50% users use internet through tablets and smart phones. If your website is not compatible and is not auto adjustable then it will make readers experience very tough to understand how to navigate your website to gather the information they are looking for. You can simply lose a lot of potential clients and customers due to your website non compatibility according to their devices. To provide a very user friendly experience, it is must for you to adopt Responsive Web Design RWD standards for your website. This will benefit you by providing a platform for your user from where they can easily read your product and services on the fly with their smart phones and tablets instated of using laptops and desktops. No matter where they are and they do not need to boot PCs before accessing internet.

Go with Responsive Web Design in 2013 and your readers will just love to surf your website :)

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